What is Emergency Service?

Welding emergencies do happen. If you find yourself in this situation and are in need of immediate assistance, just say so and in most cases (depending on your location and needs) we can have a welder on site and working within an hour.

How much do you charge?

Rates are dependent upon many things:

  • What kind of metal is it?
- Welding and cutting different metals require many different materials, gasses, processes, equipment and skills.
  • Do you have the materials?
- Repairs often times require additional materials to replace rust areas, or to strengthen an existing structure. If you have the materials already it is no problem to use them, but our supply of metal and contacts in the industry will save you money and the hastle of finding your own supplies.
  • Do you require mobile service or will you drop it off?
- If so, where is it located? The best thing to do is to call us for an estimate on your specific job. But whatever it is, we are so confident in our services, our work and our prices that we encourage you to shop around.

Do you need electricity for mobile service?

We can work 100% mobile. We have generators, machines and torches which give us the flexibility to work anywhere - with or without electricity.

What sets you apart from the other guys?

Aside from the quality you get with us, we actually show up on time. That should not be a bragging point but unfortunately thats the world we live in.

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